Tattooing for beginners:? Tattooing CLOSE UP ?in REAL TIME: Lining, Shading, color packing and more?

Published on 17 Jun 2020 / In Other

Tattooing for Beginners: We go CLOSE UP in REAL TIME while going over Lining, Shading, Color packing, and more. This video is a continuation of our tattooing for beginners series. In this video I really wanted to give you guys a close up real time view of what the needles are doing
in the skin. While also letting you know what needles I'm using the voltage I'm running and the type of ink I use.

In no way am I a fantastic tattoo artist guys. I just love tattooing but I am still on my journey and want to show you how its done so you can do it and do it better then me!! 🤘🤘

So don't give up if you want it bad enough its yours for the taking!

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Through this video and in combination with my how to tattoo playlist, I hope to really show you
how to properly line a tattoo. And then follow that up with how to shade a tattoo and finally how to color pack a tattoo. A big mistake people make is not properly stretching the skin, so remember is a combination of several little things that make for a good tattoo. The process may seem easy but it requires a good amount of practice and determination from you. Thank you all for watching and supporting the channel!! Don't let anyone tell you that you can't!!

*Hustle Butter:
*head lamp:
*Wireless tattoo power supply:
*Power supply:
*Green Soap:
*Sports Wrap:
*Paper Towels:
*A&D Ointment packs:
*Ink caps:
*Clip cord sleeve:
*Barrier film:
*Stencil stuff:
*Squeeze bottle:
*Plastic wrap:
*Stencil paper:
*Stencil Machine:
*Tattoo Tray:
*Tattoo Rolling tray station:
*Heydraulic Tattoo chair/table:
*Tattoo artist chair:
*Sharps container:
*Tattoo arm rest:
*Tattoo bed:
*Canon Printer:
*Disposable razors:
*Tool box:
*Tongue depressors:
*Rinse cups:

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